Domestic Transport
Published: 24.08.23

No Job Too Big!

Domestic Transport

Lift crane silhouette | Flex Warehouse Space | Tasman Logistics Services


Our customer came to us with a problem – A BIG ONE!  Large machinery pieces weighing between 30-40 tonne on the water that needed moving to their site as soon as possible to avoid any significant interruption to their production schedules. 


Tasman partnered with our client's customs agent to ensure all freight was customs cleared upon arrival. The Tasman team arranged necessary transport permits prior to the arrival of goods. All quarantine related activities were then conducted at Tasman Logistics Brooklyn Freight Terminal and once passed, the 9 pieces totalling over 300 Tonne were carefully delivered to the customer site. A 100 tonne crane was engaged to lift the units off trucks at our customers facility upon delivery and placed down as required. 

Sunset view of a vast container terminal | Sea Freight Transport | Tasman Logistics Services
Crane ready for heavy lifting | Road Transport | Tasman Logistics Services
Yellow sign displaying oversize load on a road | Road Transport | Tasman Logistics Services

“The team at Tasman has always told us that they are different to their competitors in the way of professionalism, speed and first class service. We put this to the test with this project and our expectations were exceeded. We received over 300 tonne of machinery at our production facility within 5 days of the ship arriving into Melbourne. This included the fastest Quarantine inspection I have been involved in. Thank you Team Tasman for helping our production continue uninterrupted” – Multinational Recycling Company

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