Tasman Logistics Services offers a comprehensive range of logistics solutions, including Road Transport, Rail Transport, Domestic Seafreight, Wharf Transport, Storage Solutions, Contract Logistics, Project Logistics, Consulting, Charters, and Time Critical Solutions.

Our Road Transport service ensures timely and secure deliveries, whether ambient or temperature controlled. With an extensive fleet of over 150 trucks, we provide efficient solutions for transporting goods across diverse destinations.

Our Rail Transport solutions offer cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness, utilizing our 20ft, 40ft, 46ft Reefer, and 48ft equipment across Australia. This option presents a sustainable and efficient alternative for long-distance cargo movement.

We specialize in both Coastal and Tasmania-bound Domestic Seafreight, ensuring cost-effective and timely cargo movement using our own 20ft and 40ft container equipment. We have the expertise to seamlessly navigate Australia's diverse coastline.

As a Class A carrier, we enjoy priority access to timeslots, supported by our container yards, fumigation pads, 3-phase power, and cross-dock facilities. This service streamlines container handling, ensuring efficient connections to ports.

Tasman Logistics Services provides secure short-term and long-term warehousing options tailored to your unique needs. Our facilities ensure the safety and accessibility of your inventory.

Our Contract Logistics service optimizes your supply chain operations, providing tailored solutions for streamlined logistics. We collaborate closely to enhance efficiency and gain a strategic edge.

Our Project Logistics service coordinates intricate movements to ensure the successful execution of complex projects. From planning to risk management, we manage every detail to align with your project's goals.

Our expert Consulting services offer insights, strategies, and optimization techniques to empower your logistics decisions. We analyze, strategize, and optimize, helping your business navigate logistics challenges more effectively.

Our Time Critical Solutions provide rapid responses for urgent deliveries. Hot Shot services ensure time-sensitive shipments reach their destination without delay, showcasing our commitment to meeting critical timelines.

A double trailer configuration consists of a prime mover (tractor) towing two separate trailers in tandem. This setup allows for increased cargo capacity while maintaining maneuverability on the road.

Depending on the specific trailer dimensions, a double trailer can typically accommodate around 62 to 64 standard pallets in total, distributed across both trailers.

A semi-trailer is a single trailer attached to a prime mover, while a double trailer configuration involves two trailers connected to a prime mover. Double trailers offer higher capacity, but semi-trailers are more common and versatile.

A standard semi-trailer can usually hold around 40 to 44 standard pallets, depending on its size and internal dimensions.

Tasman Logistics Services offer LTL services for the FMCG industry. We can pick up from multiple suppliers and deliver to DC or pick up from DC and deliver to multiple suppliers.

Tasman Logistics Services offer e-Commerce solutions for the retail and FMCG industry. We have various pick & pack clients and we utilize our Tasman Portal TMS to handle the last mile deliveries. This service falls into our contract logistics service.

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