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With over 150 trucks and access to over 500 trailers and containers, we ensure timely and secure deliveries both ambient and temperature controlled.

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With over 3000 tonnes moved a week, Tasman Logistics can provide you with customized ground transportation options designed to meet your specific needs for reliability, speed, CO₂ reduction, visibility, and cost efficiency. We guarantee dependable, agile, and eco-friendly transport operations through the implementation of solutions that optimize the utilization of transport capacities and enhance overall visibility.

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Road freight offers unparalleled flexibility and accessibility, ensuring that goods reach their final destination promptly. With the ability to navigate diverse terrains and access remote areas, road freight plays a pivotal role in connecting businesses and communities. Leveraging a team of experienced drivers, over 150 trucks, operation across Australia, equipped with access to over 500 containers, combined with experienced logistics experts, Tasman Logistics excels in swift and versatile road transportation. Our expansive fleet is in constant motion, capable of transporting a wide range of cargo, including fragile items and large goods, ensuring your cargo arrives safely and on-time.

Unparalleled Service

In a dynamic and intricate market, it is crucial to prioritize the resilience and efficiency of the supply chain. Tasman Logistics stands out in transparent freight tracking and oversight, ensuring a level of satisfaction that is second to none at every stage. When you opt for our freight and logistics services, rest assured that your delivery will reach its destination punctually, within budget, and in perfect condition. Choose Tasman Logistics to save costs and bypass the potential hassles associated with freight delivery, providing you with a seamless experience from the start to completion.

Semi truck driving down the road | Road Transport Solutions | Tasman Logistics Services


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At Tasman Logistics Services, we make sure we listen to your needs. We combine the latest supply chain technology, cutting edge equipment and years of industry experience with a can-do team culture, to get the job done. On time and on budget.

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