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Unlock your efficiency and agility, with flexibility of expansion as your business grows, while saving overhead costs.

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Pay Exactly What You Need & When You Need it

In today's market, warehouse costs have reached unprecedented levels. Opting for the traditional long-term commitment model not only binds you to a fixed space for seven years or more but also subjects you to exorbitant rental fees. However, the scenario changes with Tasman Logistics, where charges are incurred solely for the space and services utilized each month. You exclusively pay for the specific time and space requirements, providing a cost-effective alternative to the conventional leasing approach.

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Reduce Risk

Acquiring a warehouse comes with its fair share of risks. If you have too much space, you'll end up wasting money on unused areas and unnecessary labor. On the other hand, choosing too little space might lead to additional expenses during peak periods. This becomes especially crucial in the current market with low vacancy rates, where leases often require commitments of seven years or more. The flex warehouse solution mitigates these risks by providing the flexibility to integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructure, adjusting precisely to your needed size. This ensures cost-effective operations without unnecessary financial burdens.


Tasman Logistics leverages cutting-edge technologies, including inventory management software and automation systems, to streamline our operations. Embracing these technological solutions not only enhances your supply chain efficiency but also minimizes errors. By partnering with Tasman Logistics, you gain access to state-of-the-art systems that might be financially challenging to implement independently. This strategic integration of technology not only elevates operational performance but also ensures a cost-effective approach to optimizing your logistics processes.

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At Tasman Logistics Services, we make sure we listen to your needs. We combine the latest supply chain technology, cutting edge equipment and years of industry experience with a can-do team culture, to get the job done. On time and on budget.

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