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Tasman Logistics offers a vast wealth of world class services and industry experience.


At Tasman Logistics, we go the extra mile. We're proudly based in Australia, but our reach is global. Experts in transport, freight-forwarding, packing, warehousing and logistics, we provide end to end transport and logistics solutions, so you can focus on growing your business.

Our extensive network capability and experience means we can transport via road, rail or sea - ensuring the most efficient delivery of your important goods, on time and intact.

Road Transport

With over 150 trucks and access to over 500 trailers and containers, we ensure timely and secure deliveries both ambient and temperature controlled.

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Semi truck driving down the road at sunset | Road Transport Australia | Tasman Logistics Services
Cargo train moving swiftly on the tracks | Rail Freight Australia | Tasman Logistics Services

Rail Transport

From cost-effectiveness to eco-friendliness, we provide rail solutions with our own 20ft, 40ft, 46ft Reefer and 48ft equipment across Australia.

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Domestic Seafreight - Coastal

We ensure your cargo moves cost-effective and on-time along the Australian coastline in our own 20ft and 40ft container equipment.

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Massive container ship is moored in the water | Sea Freight Transport | Tasman Logistics Services
Large white container with yellow stripe | Road Transport | Tasman Logistics Services

Domestic Seafreight - Tasmania

We started in Tasmania and our service is second to none. Our clients ask if we flew across, when the receive a next day delivery.

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Wharf Transport and Container Services

Being a Class A carrier, we have priority access to timeslots, underpinned by our own container yards, over 80 fumigation pads, 3-phase power and cross-dock facilities.

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Massive ship carrying containers | Sea Freight Transport | Tasman Logistics Services
Warehouse filled with numerous pallets and boxes | Flex Warehouse Space | Tasman Logistics Services

Storage Solutions

From short-term to long-term options, we provide secure warehousing that accommodates your unique needs.

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Contract Logistics

Partner with an expert and elevate your supply chain efficiency with Contract Logistics. Our tailored solutions optimize operations, offering a strategic edge in managing your logistics.

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Truck stands before a stack of shipping containers | Road Transport | Tasman Logistics Services
Man in a warehouse holding a tablet | Logistics Services | Tasman Logistics Services

Project Logistics

Tackle complex projects with ease through our Project Logistics expertise. We coordinate intricate movements, ensuring every detail aligns for successful execution - end to end.

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Agri - Logistics (Exports)

We are providing transport solutions for the agricultural industry across regional Victoria and Queensland. With a robust fleet and strategically positioned depots infrastructure, we ensure reliable and efficient transportation services tailored to the unique needs of the agricultural sector in these areas. Trust Tasman Logistics Services to deliver excellence in agricultural transport logistics.

Agri-Transport Solutions
Line of white trucks parked in a lot | Road Transport Australia | Tasman Logistics Services


Experience personalized logistics with our Charter services (air, ocean, trucks, trains). Tailored to your requirements, we offer dedicated solutions that cater to your unique cargo needs.

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Warehouse Flex

Unlock your efficiency and agility, with flexibility of expansion as your business grows, while saving overhead costs.

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Forklift maneuvering boxes in a warehouse | Flex Warehouse Space | Tasman Logistics Services
Vast container terminal | Sea Freight Transport | Tasman Logistics Services

Time Critical Solutions and Hot Shots

Urgent deliveries meet their match with our Time Critical Solutions. Our Hot Shot services provide rapid responses, ensuring time-sensitive shipments reach their destination without delay

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