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Tasman Logistics Services is 100 Australian owned Our approach is to make sure we listen to your needs We take care to engineer the right solution for your requirements and deliver supply chain solutions across Australia and the world

We combine the latest technology, cutting edge equipment and years of industry experience with a true ‘can do’ team culture We get the job done On time and on budget

Government and Defence

Tasman Logistics Services proudly offers specialized logistics solutions tailored to the unique demands of Government and Defence sectors. Our capabilities extend to heavy vehicle transport, project management, and handling dangerous goods with the utmost care. We are trusted by well known multinational and large domestic corporations, who leverage our capabilities to provide exceptional solutions that uphold the standards and objectives of these vital industries. Trust Tasman Logistics Services to deliver excellence in every facet of your logistical requirements, contributing to the operational success of government and defence endeavors.

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Retail & ecommerce

Tasman Logistics Services is your strategic partner in the retail industry, offering tailored solutions that span the spectrum from traditional retail to the ever-expanding e-commerce landscape. We understand the complexities of modern retail, where consumer expectations are at an all- time high. Our expertise extends to the seamless handling of White Goods and Brown Goods, ensuring these larger and delicate products are unloaded, stored and delivered with care and precision. With our WMS/TMS, we provide end-to-end visibility for your inventory, enabling efficient stock management and on-time replenishments. Whether you're stocking stores, fulfilling online orders, or managing returns, our comprehensive logistics solutions cater to every aspect of retail operations. Trust us to optimize your supply chain, enhance customer satisfaction, and contribute to your success in the competitive retail market.

Power and Industry

Tasman Logistics Services excels in serving the Power and Industry sector, offering a specialized focus on heavy machinery, including for solar and wind farms, as well as large construction projects. Our expertise extends to the intricate logistics of transporting oversized equipment, machinery, and materials crucial to these industries. From the delivery of components for renewable energy projects to the movement of machinery for large- scale construction endeavors, we orchestrate the intricate coordination required for successful outcomes. With meticulous planning, advanced technology, and a dedicated fleet, we ensure that your critical assets reach their destinations seamlessly. Trust us as your logistical partner to navigate the complexities of the Power and Industry sector, ensuring that your projects are powered by efficiency, precision, and timely deliveries.

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Tasman Logistics Services extends its expertise to the Healthcare sector, understanding the critical nature of timely and secure deliveries. With a keen focus on precision and safety, we specialize in transporting medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and supplies vital for the healthcare industry. Our logistics solutions adhere to the stringent requirements of this sector, ensuring temperature-sensitive products are maintained under controlled conditions throughout the journey. From pharmaceutical distribution to medical equipment transportation, our advanced technology and real-time tracking provide transparency and confidence in every step of the process. Trust us to be your reliable partner, dedicated to the seamless movement of healthcare essentials, contributing to the well-being and effectiveness of healthcare operations.

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